We are flexible on our rates, especially for longer bookings. Our passion is to help local musicians/writers/singers/producers make amazing art All rates include an engineer
and free re-formatting for any and all files (.mp3, .wav, .FLAC, etc...)


$50 per hour (Engineer incl.)


$55 per song

We are very flexible with our scheduling and can work within most realistic budgets. Packages and blocks can be customized on a client-to-client basis. Our Maximum block times can go up to 6 hrs each session, and longer sessions can be accommodated with prior notice. 


2hr minimum on all sessions. New clients must prepay a deposit of the first hour prior to arriving. 

Lead engineer  Iph ( aka KracKill$ ) has been practicing sound design, engineering and production for over 14 years to become one of Pittsburgh's most prominent recording engineers. 

Album Artwork / Gfx:

Contact for quote

We offer design work on any single or album art. Our artists need a good presentation, and we can give them just that. Something to be proud of visually when your next song is unveiled


$65 per song

Our masters are among the best in the city. With a client list of over 70 current artists, we can prove it in the sheer amount of support we gain from the great people we have worked with. 


Custom production as low as $100 

Both custom instrumentals and song writing services are available by request. Along with In-house producer KracKill$ , we work with numerous singers and producers in the city and outlying areas to provide whatever vibe you may be looking for.

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