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What Iph Media has solidified itself as a staple of Pittsburgh's visual landscape. See our work here and you'll know why many artists, creative directors and even other media firms rely on our vision to compliment their own. 

We offer extensive styles of custom graphic design for your projects. What Iph Media is reknown for compelling and original artwork. Some of the previously released all original artwork can be seen here

Come enjoy a real time production session. Almost any genre you can imagine can be recreated. We offer custom and pre-made instrumentals and backing tracks for any and all projects. Hear our work here



We provide beyond industry standard recording services that rival bigger label studios.. Offering some of the best quality and consistency in regards to recording, file storage and delivery. We provide one of the most private and focused atmospheres for creation found in the greater Pgh area

Your sound is our number 1 priority. We strive to deliver the quality and unique sound that will capture the ears of your audience, and inspire them to become true fans. No more flat mixes. Let What Iph Media give you a truly original sound.

We offer Mastering at low rates on both pre-recorded and mixed-in-house tracks. Hear your music the way it was intended with a final mastering session to bring out the true quality of your audio. 



What Iph recording studio has been in operation since 2010. Over the course of our operation it became apparent that there isn't a solid "one stop shop" for performing artists and musicians to fully realize a creative project. Throughout the years of developing artists projects into full on works of art, we have become the premier location for any and all that wish to be original, to have a unique presence, and to have a hands on approach to their art. We have all the capabilities and knowledge how to bring your creativity to life.

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103 Hartrey st 

Springdale Pa 15144


Emal: WhatIph.Studio@gmail.com

Tel: (412) 728-2387


Our studio is open 7 days a week:


Monday - Friday 3pm - 11pm

Saturday - 10am - 12am

Sunday - 12pm - 11pm


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Call us (412) 728-2387

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